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The Middle Deschutes Watershed Council believes that education of the community is vital to the long term health of the watershed.  Through the watershed education program, the council engages with community members and local youth to encourage a sense of place and foster lifelong stewardship of our lands and rivers.

Our Offerings


For Youth

The goal of the youth programs is to engage students in hands-on, place-based opportunities in watershed and natural resource education. 


Current programs include field trips, classroom visits, and after-school programs that incorporate career and life skills into watershed ecology lessons.  Through these experiences, the council helps students gain the knowledge, skills and motivation to promote conservation and stewardship of the watershed.

Examples of activities offered in our youth programs include:

- Interactive watershed model experiments

- Macroinvertebrate collection and identification

- Water quality testing

- Riparian vegetation planting and monitoring

We are committed to providing inclusive and engaging opportunities for students.

For Community Members

Through continuing education workshops, guest speaker events, volunteer stewardship projects, and local watershed tours, the council provides opportunities for community members to increase their knowledge of the natural and ecological systems in the watershed and to get inspired toward future action.

Educational Resources

Use our dedicated resources to learn more about:

- Watersheds

- The region we live in

- Conservation projects


Join Us

If you are an educator or community member in Jefferson County interested in participating in our watershed education program, please contact us for more information about our upcoming program offerings. 

Financial Donors

Support for our educational programs comes from:

- Children's Forest of Central Oregon

- The Gray Family Foundation

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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